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No Panic As Obamacare Subsidies Seem Safe For Future - Bloomberg

Its going to be many months if not years of further judicial review ahead before this is resolved. The issue centers on language in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that appears to make subsidies for insurance premiums available only in states that run their own marketplaces for coverage, called exchanges. While Democrats who wrote the law expected most states to build their own exchanges, just 14 have done so -- and at least two of those, Nevada and Oregon , hope to shut down their faulty sites and join healthcare.gov next year. IRS Ruling The Internal Revenue Service ruled in May 2012 that subsidies were intended to be available everywhere. Opponents of the law living in 36 states using the federal exchange sued. Two judges on the Washington appellate court who were appointed by Republican presidents sided with the opponents, saying the letter of the law prohibits subsidies in federally run exchanges. Theres confusion today because the world generally wasnt expecting it, Robert Laszewski , an insurance industry consultant in Alexandria, Virginia , said in a phone interview. It will subside pretty quickly. Theres not a great fear that this ruling is going to prevail, especially at the Supreme Court. Fitch Ratings said in a note to clients yesterday that confusion about the ruling and whether subsidies will remain available would mean lower enrollment in exchanges next year.
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Fraudalent applications for Obamacare subsidies succeeding, audit finds (+video) - CSMonitor.com

Recommended: How much do you know about health-care reform? Take our quiz! We are seeing a trend with Obamacare information systems: Under every rock, there is incompetence, waste, and the potential for fraud, House Ways and Means Committee chairman Dave Camp (R) of Michigan told NBC News . Now, we learn that in many cases, the exchange is unable to screen out fake identities or documents. Photos of the Day Photos of the day 07/23 During the investigation, employees attempted six online applications, six by phone, and six in-person examinations. Of the six phone applications, five went through successfully, while one was rejected when the applicant refused to provide a Social Security number. All the online applications were caught by eligibility checks.
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