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Under Obamacare, Some Workers To Be Auto-enrolled In Health Plans - Aug. 7, 2014

For example, in companies that automatically enrolled workers in their 401 (k) plans, 82 percent of employees continued to participate in the program compared with 65 percent for those with voluntary enrollment, according to 2013 data from Vanguard, an investment manager and mutual fund company. Hobby Lobby ruling could change business However, automatically enrolling new employees in a company 401(k) is much simpler than doing the same with a health plan , say benefits experts. For one thing, if a new hire doesn't like the default choices in his 401(k), he can generally change them at will. But with health insurance, if someone's paying for coverage on a pre-tax basis and the employer is deducting the premium from his paycheck, "the IRS rules say you can't change that or decide you don't want to participate in this plan anymore unless you have a qualifying event," such as a birth or marriage, says Terry Dailey, a benefits attorney at human resources consultant Mercer. There are also other potential complications, such as if someone's spouse gets automatically enrolled in a plan but has coverage elsewhere, says Steve Wojcik, vice president of public policy at the National Business Group on Health. Another difficulty deals with the premium subsidies that may be available to some workers who buy coverage on the state marketplaces if their employer's plan has very limited benefits -- sometimes called a "skinny plan." If that employer automatically enrolls his workers, they would be ineligible for subsidized coverage. But if that plan was offered and a worker didn't enroll in it, he would still be eligible for subsidies on the exchange.
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Obamacare individual mandate isn't so much of a mandate - CBS News

President Obama's administration has detailed 14 exemptions that allow people to avoid the fine. Most of them deal with hardship like domestic violence, property damage from a fire or flood, or the cancellation of an insurance plan. And those exemptions come on top of the groups that were carved out of the law when it was written in 2010, including illegal immigrants, Native Americans, and certain religious groups. Moreover, in the 21 states that decided not to expand Medicaid under the health care law, many of the lower-income families that would have qualified for the government insurance program could also be excused from having to buy insurance. The net result of these exemptions? A report released in June by the Congressional Budget Office and the Joint Committee on Taxation revised the number of people expected to pay a fine in 2016 downward, from six million to four million.
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